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Apple Blossom Queen named at 50th Cotillion

SPRINGFIELD When Mikhaila Janiszyn, 18, of Springfield, was crowned the 2006 Apple Blossom Queen on Saturday night, a packed Riverside Middle School gymnasium burst into cheers of applause.

"It's overwhelming and it feels bizarre," Janiszyn said as flower bouquets were piled into her arms, one atop another.

Janiszyn said she hadn't considered participating in the event until learning it was the 50th anniversary of the Springfield Hospital fund raiser. Then she knew she wanted to share "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" in a piece of Springfield history.

Janiszyn will forever be etched into the history of one of the few remaining cotillions in the nation.

Janiszyn, who plans to study English next year at the University of Vermont, said the judges asked her what she would do with her title if she won.

She said at first she wondered aloud if there were any responsibilities attached to the Apple Blossom crown. "Then I said I wanted to act as a role model because the little kids [the future cotillionaires] looked up to us."

One night a year for the past 50 years, the Riverside Middle School gymnasium has been transformed into a ballroom, and this year was no exception: soft lighting, pink streamers and flowers.

In Janiszyn's court were fellow seniors Katie White, 18, of Springfield; Amber Bettini, 18, of Chester; Kelsi Bresland, 18, of Springfield; and Svea Gammon, 18, of Springfield.

The cotillion's theme this year was "Memory Lane."

The evening started in a flurry of preparation backstage with last minute flowers to be received, hair to be curled, make up to be fixed.

The opening medley featured escorts and contestants in a high energy collection of songs stretching across five decades, including "Jailhouse Rock," "The Twist," "Shake Your Booty," "Electric Slide" and "Boot Scootin' Boogie."

Then, the young women were presented with their escorts to "Georgia on My Mind." Gears shifted again for a sassy version of "Respect."

Half a dozen young women from the area sang and danced in dark pink satin gowns alongside their escorts, who wore tuxedos with matching pink ties and vests. The contestants were scored by a panel of judges based on poise and personality during the floor performance Saturday night and the interview earlier that day.

Fifty eight future cotillionaires, which Springfield Hospital Foundation director and Cotillion master of ceremonies "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" Larry Kraft called "a wonderful and popular addition" to the event, also were introduced. The young girls, Buy Methandienone Dianabol in white dresses with pink trim, performed "I Think We're Alone Now" with the senior contestants. The young boys donned baseball caps along with the older male escorts for a rendition of "Centerfield."

To celebrate the golden anniversary of the Cotillion, 14 former "Hgh Jintropin Avis" queens from 1963 to 2003 were introduced on the arm of a prominent member of the community or a Springfield Hospital "Hgh Jintropin Avis" board member or employee.

The finale, featuring a medley of Broadway tunes played on the piano by Joe Peters, was a tribute to former cotillion director Bob Spindler.

While judges deliberated over scores, the escorts continued the entertainment with a performance of "Men in Black," complete with sunglasses and futuristic dance moves.

Then it was time for awards.

The Director's Choice Awards are chosen by the production team and given to individuals who helped make rehearsals run smoothly. This year's awards went to Keith Bevacqua, 18, of Springfield, and Katie White, 18, of Springfield. The recipients of the Mr. and Miss Buy Methandienone India Congeniality awards, voted on by fellow cotillionaires for demonstrating the spirit of the Cotillion, were Jacob Chase, 18, of Springfield, Sean Holt, 18, of Springfield, and Jessica Kischko, 18, of Springfield.

Janiszyn said backstage before the event began and again half way through that she was not nervous. However, she said in the moment of suspense after all four other court members were named, a nervous shiver went up her spine. "She started clutching my arm," said Janiszyn's escort, Andrew Crandall, 18, of Springfield.

Crandall said he never doubted for a moment that Janiszyn would be crowned Saturday night. "I told her after the dress rehearsal Friday that if she put in 150 percent, I knew she could take it home. And she did. It's rightfully hers," he said.

For Barbara Janiszyn, the 50th cotillion took on a strange and wonderful feeling, as it did for her daughter. In fact, Barbara Janiszyn's father, John Barry, opened the school 50 years ago when it was first built and he Anadrol 50 Cycle was its principal.

He could not be at the school Saturday night to see his granddaughter take the crown as his wife was ill at Springfield Hospital the very institution organizing the event.

Janiszyn said it was odd the night was linked by so many coincidences. "It's "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" just so weird. They wanted to be here so badly," she said of her grandparents.

Shortly after Janiszyn was crowned, tuxedos and gowns were exchanged for jeans and T shirts; conversation followed the young people out the door, leaving behind only a few dedicated organizers to clean up. Then, the gym fell quiet.

For many in this working class community, the words "cotillion" and "Apple Blossom" stir up a host of memories each one a little different from the next. As summer nears, each Cotillion passes into memory quickly, like so many blossoms of spring. But its tradition lives on.